27 July 2020

The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020 has brought widespread harm across societies in Asia and globally. Amidst acts of solidarity, the pandemic has placed into intense focus the consequences of inequality, the resilience of social welfare systems, and the responsibilities of governments as well as society at large. It has also led to a critical scrutiny of the current economic system together with the relationship between people and nature. Thus, this “time of disruption” has intersected with existing issues in international development, human rights and international relations.


Conference Theme

The virtual international conference on “New research in international development, human rights and international relations at a time of disruption” invites papers both on the underlying issues, as well the challenge of disruption in the present. Conference themes include:

Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience: Disaster, Climate, Ecology and SDGs
Mobility: Human, Resources and Capital
Peace and Conflict, Transformation and Resistance
Media, Information ,Communication and Digital politics
Non Traditional Security
Governance: Public, Private and People Partnership
Human Rights
Gender, Chauvinism, Intersectionality
Resource grabbing
Green politics and green economy
Extremism, Ultra-Nationalism, Statism
Neoliberalism, Populism
Democracy and Authoritarianism
International Relations: Trans-boundary and Transnationalism
Great, Declined and Emerging Powers


Conference format

Due to the current constraints on organizing large public events in Thailand, this international conference will be held as a virtual event on zoom. It comprises of a keynote session, followed by parallel sessions based on the themes of the conference.

There is no fee to present your paper at this international virtual conference. Due to logistical constraints, the number of papers presented will be limited to 70. Amongst accepted papers, priority will be given to graduate students required to present papers to fulfill the requirements of their degree.

The conference is a one-day event at which accepted papers will be presented for 15 minutes each. Each session will be moderated and with a discussant allocated.


Please submit your abstract (250-300 words) with paper title to grad.interconference@gmail.com and kindly title your email as “Abstract – YourLastname (YourAffiliation)” and also include your name, affiliation, contact email, and a 100-word short biography.


You can check this page for more details regarding the conference.


Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP), Mahidol University
MA in International Development Studies (MAIDS), Chulalongkorn University
Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Chiang Mai University
MA in International Development, Mae Fah Luang University
Master of Political Science in International Relations (MIR), Thammasat University
MA in Social Innovation & Sustainability (MAS), Thammasat University


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