After you apply

After applying 2


After you send your complete applications documents via email, the APMA Admissions Officer will reply to you either to confirm that your documents are complete or whether you need to send additional documents as per application guidelines.

After thorough checking of the documents, applications are then forwarded to the APMA Selection Committee. It usually takes around three to four weeks after the relevant application dealine for decisions to be made. While waiting for the results, you may want to familiarize yourself with the APMA program, the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, and Mahidol University.

-Download the APMA program handbook here
-Download the  IHRP student guidebook here.
-Download the Mahidol University pre-arrival handbook here.

Receiving the APMA letter of offer

Once decisions have been made by the APMA Selection Committee, results of your application will be sent to you via email. The results can be one of the following:

a. you are given a letter of offer scholarship (if you applied for a scholarship)
b. you are given a letter of offer without scholarship
c. you are waitlisted
d. your application was unsuccessful

If you receive either A or B, you are given the choice to either accept or decline the offer. If you receive C, then you may choose to confirm being part of the waiting list. If a slot becomes vacant (if, for example, an applicant with a letter of offer declines the offer), then those in the waiting list will be offered the slot.

Please note that the letter of offer from the APMA program cannot be used to apply for a Thai student visa. A separate document will be issued to you once you accept the offer of place in the program.


Receiving the Letter of Admission (LOA)

A few weeks after you officially accept your offer of place in the APMA program, you will receive an official document called the Letter of Admission (LOA) from the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Mahidol University. You will now have to do several things.

Verification of academic records with Mahidol University

Sending official records to Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University
All incoming students are required to submit the following documents to the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Mahidol University. The documents needed are:

-Your certificate of graduation/degree certificate
-Your academic transcripts
-Official English translations of the above-mentioned documents (in case they are in a language other than English). The documents must be certified as official translations.

You will have to contact your previous university and ask them to send these documents; you cannot send them yourself. Your university can send the documents via one of two ways:

Send the documents in a sealed envelope to the following address:
International Affairs and Corporate Communications Section,
Faculty of Graduate Studies,
Mahidol University, Salaya, Phutthamonthon,
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, 73170
(Contact Person : Mr. Pawaris Petchan, Tel. +66(0) 2-441-4125 Ext. 137)

Your previous university may send an electronic verification or any official sources via email. Be noted, we prefer sending from the official email of the university.
Send to:
Title: Academic Verification for Mahidol University

You can download the Mahidol University instructions regarding verification of academic records here.

Sending English test scores to Mahidol University

If you submitted an English test score as part of your application, you will have to ask your test center to send an official copy of your test scores to Mahidol University. Scores should be sent directly to the Language Center, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.

For TOEFL: Institution Code 0391
For IELTS: Language Center, Faculty of Graduate Studies
25/25 Mahidol University, Salaya, Phutthamonthon
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand 73170
Tel: (+66) 2441.4125 ext. 150-152

Equivalency process with Thai Education authorities

Thai education rules require an equivalency process of a student’s previous degrees and grades. To do this, you will have to fill out a form and send this as well as photocopies of your previous degree to the Thai Office of the Bureau of Higher Education Standard and Quality.

For the equivalency form as well as additional instructions, download this document.

Checking for accommodations

At this time, you should also start looking for your accommodations in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom where the Mahidol University main campus is located. Studio-type apartments are the usual mode of accommodations for students in the area, although there are also several dormitories inside the campus.

There are several apartments listed in the APMA program handbook. You may also try using to search for an apartment in Salaya.

Applying for visa

Each country has different requirements in applying for a Thai student visa. Please check the website of the Royal Thai embassy nearest you.


After acquiring your visa and confirming your accommodations, you’re all set! 😀