The Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights (GC Human Rights) is a global network of universities specializing in human rights and democratization education. With over 100 universities,  it is the largest network of its kind in the world.

The vast number of universities, programs, experts, and organizations involved in GC Human Rights activities provide rich variety of perspectives on human rights and democratization, something that no single faculty or department can offer. Students are provided more in-depth knowledge and experience with human rights and democratisation theory and through practitioner-based special lectures and mobility semesters, when students spend a part of their academic year in a second university.

The GC Human Rights also has a long history of collaborative activities among its member universities, faculty members, and students. These include the annual Global Classroom, when students from different regional programs present research papers on a particular topic. GC Human Rights also publishes the Global Campus Human Rights Journal, a bi-annual peer-reviewed publication that serves as a forum for analysis, reports, and commentaries on human rights and democratization in different regions of the world.

GC Human Rights recently entered into an agreement with the Right Livelihood Foundation to enhance and advance children’s rights worldwide.

GC Human Rights activities and the regional master’s programs, and student scholarships are co-funded by the European Union.

GC Human Rights has seven regional arms. These are:

Global Campus Africa
Global Campus Arab World
Global Campus Asia Pacific 
Global Campus Caucasus 
Global Campus Europe 
Global Campus Latin America-Caribbean 
Global Campus Southeast Europe 

GC Human Rights has headquarters in Venice, Italy. Check out the GC Human Rights website to learn more.